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    Hm. Much to my surprise, my suggestion about having a discussion thread to discuss discussion threads has not only been followed through but actually seems to be bearing fruit. I honestly never really thought that would happen.

    The problem with reaching out to the other people who desire these kinds of interactions, Astinus, is that we don't really have many ways to do that other than by advertising, which we obviously can't do. I might be missing something blindingly obvious here, but is there anything we can do other than mentioning it in introductions in the New Users forum?

    Assuming for the moment that the answer to that question (and I'm probably wrong about this; I'm well-known for my bad ideas and inaccurate assumptions) is no, that leaves getting current members to engage a little more. This thread seems to have been a good start; I suppose if we can think of some more discussion topics, we'll get further still. Game threads also sound fun. I mean, sound like a good way to get the community engage. I'm totally not in favour of them just for their fun value. Definitely not.


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