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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
I really hope tons more traders post here; don't be shy! Even a yes or no or idea can help make a difference. ^_^

This is what I gathered.
Major suggestions
  • Official Cloning / Hack Checking Sticky Thread (regulated, outlined, prerequisites)
    For: twistedpuppy, Kenshin5, RoseBlade, dragonomega, Livewire
  • Graveyard sub-forum
    For: Kenshin5, Eldena, dragonomega, PokéSwimmer, twistedpuppy, Livewire
  • Multiple sub-forums
    Against: dragonomega
    Not Sure: Kenshin5, Pokemon Game Fan
  • Helpful Guides Sticky (one thread includes topics: thread presentation, RNG, EV, IV)
    For: Eldena, PokéSwimmer, RoseBlade, twistedpuppy, Kenshin5, Livewire
  • Quick Trade Misc Services Sticky Thread
    For: dragonomega
    Against: twistedpuppy, Kenshin5, Livewire

Bolded the ones I agree with. ;)