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Posted March 8th, 2019
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Has anyone ever done a second play through on their main file?

What I mean by this is, flying back to Pallet Town putting all your Mon's in the box and taking out a fresh Lv5 Pokemon and moving through the map in the same way as you would first time round (no flying, hitting all the caves again etc.)... As there is no wild fights and the trainers have already been beaten I am thinking it maybe to slow to try (or even be classed as a hard version)?

It would require ALOT of catching to get the Lv needed per gym to challenge them as obviously they are much higher this time round but you could use candies to help with this..

I am basically trying to find a way to keep my main file going... also I want to stock up on gen 1's as it looks like they will be tradable to Gen 8...

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