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    The SU:
    Name: Lynton Clyde Alastra
    Nickname: "Proton"
    Occupation: Trainer
    Hometown: Undella Town
    Home Region: Unova
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Lynton is a man of good looks to the ladies. He is a very tall person who has a very tan skin color. His head is covered with short and styled black hair, spiked up in the front. The rest is flat. Lynton's dark brown pupils have a moderate eye surrounding them. Light, thin black eyebrows cap his eyes. His lips are of a moderate size.

    Lynton is a very lean person. He looks like he could run a marathon at any point in time without losing any speed or stamina. He is extremely skinny, but also extremely powerful.

    Lynton always carries something with him, usually an iPhone in his black shirt's pocket. His Pokeballs are stored in the buttons of his shirt. Also, the teenage trainer carries a bookbag, with a laptop and a couple of books.
    -Height: 6'3"
    -Hair: Short, black, spiked in the front
    - Eye color: brown
    -Skin tone: Tan
    -Clothing Style: Lynton is a fan of button down shirts. He will almost always wear black, except on hot days he wore a white button down with no sleeves. His shirts are usually equipped with storage places, as in a pocket on the left side, and his buttons, as mentioned. Lynton wears khaki pants almost all of the time. Sometimes, Lynton will wear a blue hat with the word Proton labeled in red, and a faint atom in the background.
    -Other: Lean machine
    Personality: Lynton is an exceptionally smart 17 year old. He has great marks in school, and he is an extremely good person with technology and even sewing. He's very self conscious about his sewing ability. All Lynton cares about is a great reputation. He's got grand looks, and is an extremely intelligent young man, but that's about it when it comes to depth. He doesn't have any real secrets.

    Lynton is a very socially active kid. He has a large group of friends who he hangs out with every day. He loves to talk. A lot. He is a good listener, though, and his friends say that Proton helps them out whenever they have a problem, not just about science or math.

    However, outside of his social group, Lynton has a big ego. Proton thinks that he is "positively charged" at everything (you will hear him say that a lot, it's one of his favorite quotes), even if he is not good at it, like music or sports.

    History: Lynton's life has been "positively charged" since day one. His upbringing was a spoiled one, which may attribute to the ego he developed throughout life. The young boy lived in a beach house in Undella Town, and his parents were loaded with money. Those parents gave him anything he wanted. Lynton did a lot of traveling throughout his youth. However, one thing Lynton's parents were not leniant about was his education. Lynton's parents wanted him to succeed. After all, Mr. Alastra was a doctor and Mrs. Alastra was a college professor. Both parents wanted Lynton to follow in their footsteps.

    Lynton was sent to a school in Hiun (Castelia) City for his years of education. He was allowed to go back to Undella to see his family, however he had to stay at Hiun for the year. His parents could afford to bring him from Hiun and back, but they wanted Lynton engrossed in his studies.

    At first, the young boy did not like school. Nothing interested him too much. However, in the 4th grade, when science and math were introduced, everything changed. A spark went off in his brain during those classes, and Lynton began to study them outside of class. During his outside studies, he gave himself the name Proton.

    He continued to study with a passion, read, and chilled with friends. At the age of 13, Lynton heard that there was going to be a Bio Bowl, which was a competition about biology. The winner would recieve the Pokemon of his or her choice. The Pokemon was one of the 3 elemental monkeys from Unova, Lynton won that, and chose Pansage and thus was off on his journey.

    At the age of 17, Lynton C. Alastra has competed in the Isshu and Sinnoh leagues. He did poorly in those, not even making it past the preliminaries. Lynton took two years to get all 8 badges in the Unova League. He was a novice. He caught many Pokemon, but he could not get many to obey him. After many attempts to discipline his Pokemon, Proton released them. He released everyone except for Simisage, Hydreigon, and Seismitoad. Going home after losing the Unova League, Proton decided to ask his parents for advice. His parents gave him plenty of tips. Thus, his team was a lot more polished... but he still lost. When Lynton arrived home, he discovered that his mother was killed and his father was nowhere to be found. "Whoever killed my mother is going to get a really negative charge up the a**!" Lynton thought. This time, he is determined to win. Proton kept his strongest 4 Pokemon for his journey into the hoenn region.

    Pokémon Party:

    1st – Simisage
    Nickname: Synth
    Type: Grass
    Nature: Energetic
    Moves: Crunch, Acrobatics, Seed Bomb, Grasswhistle, Torment
    Other: (is this Pokémon shiny? Does it wear anything?)

    2nd- Seismitoad
    Nickname: S Wave
    Type: Water and Ground
    Nature: Pugnacious
    Moves: Hyper Voice, Aqua Ring, Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Drain Punch

    3rd- Hydreigon
    Nickname: Caspase (killer enzyme in the lysosomes)
    Type: Dark and Dragon
    Nature: Fierce and loyal
    Moves: Slam, Dragon Pulse, Crunch, Hyper Voice, Scary Face

    4- Lucario
    Nickname: Neutron
    Type: Fight/Steel
    Nature: Indifferent and a warrior. Lynton's all time favorite
    Moveset: Blaze Kick, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Detect, Heal Pulse

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