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    Rion Mazer

    The boy sat up with the reflexive action of rubbing one sleepy eye. Well, it hadn't helped calm his nerves but it sure had made him feel better. Moving his hair back over the socket, he climbed out of bed. It was cloudy now, he saw, and his roommate still wasn't here. "Maybe she's lost?" he murmured, placing a pondering finger over his mouth.

    It could be a male, Deena commented softly and he shook his head. No it was definitely a girl. Some part of him knew that better than anything else. Rion fidgeted a moment before nodding shyly. He would have to go look for her. If it stormed while she was lost, she could get sick and not be a part of the tournament. He wouldn't be able to compete either. He had to at least participate. He...had to. For his family's sake... for his too... Carefully marking his House on the map, he left the room, Deena padding after him.

    Outside was slightly chilly from the covered sun but it wasn't bad. Nothing could ever be that bad. Regardless, his fingers ached in reminisce. Rion looked around anxiously, wandering close to the port he had gotten off of. There he saw someone at last. Were they asleep? Could it be... maybe. There was an Emolga next to her too... Well whoever it was... she was asleep.

    Should he wake her? No she might hit him by accident. Should he wait for her to wake up? Um... wasn't there some... social manner against that? He didn't remember and any option flew out of Rion's head when she stirred awake. Without thought, he leaped back, nervous and holding up his hands.

    "Um... I... I... you were, you were um..." He couldn't think of what to say. "Hi..." he finished lamely, looking away from Hayley as quickly as he dared.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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