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Distress~ (Part 1)

"'t leave" She said but she was just too late as he had already bolted away in floods of tears. "I just..." As he left the Absol which belonged to Rion, took a hard look at Yuki before following him.
It seems like that sentance that she was unable to finish. With a red face and anger brimming across her previoulsy blushed cheeks, she then turned to her Rotom.
"ROTOM!...DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE," she said fustratedly, recalling it before she did something she might then regret.

She once again, sat under the grass as the sun turned to darkened cloud, pulling her knees up to her chest and resting her chin on it. "I..I'm sorry..I...just wanted to..say..." she whispered to herself.
Upon seeing all this the caring, persevering Emolga decided she had to do something now and with those thoughts she jumped off Yuki's shoulder and flew away in the direction Rion went.
"Emol-Emolgaaa" As she saw the shadow of a boy and an Absol running, as she went into a nosedive, flying between the branches of trees. "Emolga!"
she called out to the Absol as she needed to deliver an message.
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