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    1.Most likely not if the previous owner didn't use a bad code to create that pokemon or used a code to have a pokemon with glitchy side effects. If the last one is the case I guess the transfer corrects the mistake but i recommend that you don't transfer it just for safety. If you are talking about trades from fourth generation cartridges then the glitchy pokemon might still make weird stuff. If you notice anything funny then try to release it. If you can't put it in a separete box and don't interact with it.

    2.You hatched it in your SoulSilver right? Does that pokemon have a hacked parent? If so it would be semi- legit. Cause it's something that was generated in game but used data on something that was hacked. If you transfered it from your SoulSilver to your White as a charmander and evolve it in white and the poke check says it's evolved before you transfered it then... I don't know what's the deal. I don't dare to say that the poke-check is just messed up because I haven't tried it. If you are talking about pokebank poke check then that is pretty random cause some legit pokemon are considered illegal thus banned and some that should be illegal pass right through. So i can't answer with certainty.

    3. Most likely if you erase your game data the game will reset and you will start your adventure anew like in every other cartridge. It depends if the previous owner hacked the in game events to be different or are made up your game in that sense is forever doomed. It wouldn't be considered legitimate because it's not the original product that gamefreak is marketing. If it was just to hack to obtain event items, event pokemon or perfect IV pokemon and shinies you can either release them or erase the data if it worries you that much but it's not necessary that you do so. If this is the case you will start and probably end your journey like you would have in any other cartridge.