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    i started than a little farer on the story:
    after zorua saved you from the wild pokemons you look at the new pokemon and just say thank you to it and start to go away when your farer from it it start to speak and just say no problem when you hear it speak you look embarassed at it and go again to it . the pokemon just say what do you look never saw a pokemon that can speak??
    you answer no!! but...but how can you speak??. it just say im not the only there are much more that can speak.
    and you say again what more i dont get it..
    so this is just a part tomorrow maybe more and sorry for the bad english

    okay this is the first town well we gonna change all tiles probably and than update it again

    oh before i forget this is the rom base of fullmetal (if if the name is wrong)the sinnoh patch credit to him
    well all are welcome to join team anbuja!!!!!!!
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    you cant hide , it...its co-coming...

    i know that you want to join so here it is
    see ya soon

    this place rox