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    Originally Posted by Rickk12345 View Post
    username or nick how you want to be called: Rickk12345 is my username, you can call me Rick
    the place that you want in the team: scripter
    past experience: No past experience, but working on other hacks as wel.
    proof of work:
    #dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start
    checkflag 0x828
    if 0x1 goto @gave
    msgbox @1 0x5
    compare lastresult 0x1
    if 0x1 goto @give
    msgbox @2 0x2

    #org @gave
    msgbox @3 0x2

    #org @give
    msgbox @4 0x2
    givepokemon 0x1 0x5 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
    msgbox @5 0x4
    fanfare 0x101
    msgbox @6 0x2
    setflag 0x828

    #org @3
    = How is Bulbasaur doing?

    #org @4
    = Okay!\nThanks!

    #org @5
    = [player] received a Bulbasaur!

    #org @6
    = Please take good care of Bulbasaur!

    #org @1
    = Hey!\nDo you want my Bulbasaur?

    #org @2
    = Really?\nThat's too bad!

    What it does:
    You talk to him, he says
    Do you want my bulbasaur?

    if you say no, he says

    That's too bad!

    If you say yes, he says:


    Then a message appears:

    [player] (name of the player) received a Bulbasaur!

    A jingle plays.

    And then he says

    Please take good care of Bulbasaur!

    Then the conversation ends.
    If you talk to him again, he says:

    How is Bulbasaur doing?

    Between ---- means that it's in a text box. I tested this script and it worked perfectly.

    I also know someone, Bosaap. He's also a scripter, I'm teaching him, so I'm a bit better, just a bit. But he can help too, so he'll apply too. We live in the same neighbourhood and go to the same school, so we can work together a lot. So I think it would be smart to also accept him.
    yeah sure aceppted welcome to team anbuja!!

    Originally Posted by Bosaap View Post
    User/nickname: Bosaap
    the place that i want to be in: scripter
    Past experience: I don't have much, but I help Rickk12345 so like the same as he does. But I want to make my own hack someday, and I'm helping others now to gain experience.
    Proof of work: i can do the same as rickk12345, and we're still learning. i'm like his assistant, so he is just a little bit faster in everything.
    aceppted too!!!
    welcome to team anbuja!!!
    thank you very much all of you and im putting both in the team

    but we now use someone that could insert some other tiles that ive found or im goona onsert them by myself im looking tutorails like a madman!!:D:D:D:D:D:
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    you cant hide , it...its co-coming...

    i know that you want to join so here it is
    see ya soon

    this place rox