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    Originally Posted by KriXtuFher View Post
    Hello, nice Emerald hack because of these; new battle background, map graphics and other features you added. I hope you will add fairy type, Jirachi event and put some cross-gen monsters from 4th Generation in the next update.
    Originally Posted by PKMN Trainer Karol PL View Post
    Hack promises to be very nice, it would be cool if you added fairy type and fairy-type attacks. ������
    Although the Fairy-type is not exactly planned for this hack, I might someday make a separate patch that adds it in at the player's choice. The thing is, this hack is meant to be something like what Emerald could have been in its time (pre-Gen 4) without the inconvenient need to trade constantly or go to Nintendo Events, plus additional customization that I felt would make it a more rewarding experience. There will likely be a version of this hack where newer Pokémon will be added, keep reading below for details.

    Originally Posted by symire View Post
    Is it just me, or is there really not any implementation of PSS split in this as it isn't in the features list? That's like the only thing this hack is missing. Other than that, good job.

    As for the PSS, that is another later-gen gameplay mechanic that would cause big changes in gameplay style that I didn't intend with this one. Again though, I might make a patch for it later when I get the most important changes described put in the game.

    Originally Posted by HuK View Post
    add some interesting story in Hoenn please!
    For story changes, there will likely be some alterations (not too drastic) to story progression I will put in. The Jirachi 'arc' I am working on will be one of these alterations.


    The bottom line is, this hack is supposed to to still have Gen 3's gameplay mechanics, though with few exceptions (like the Repel and Pokéball systems, which are for convenience and less frustration). I am adding changes to make it a more complete and fun Gen 3 game, so those who aren't as interested/experienced in later Generation games can still have something to enjoy. Of course, there will most likely be some later-gen Pokémon added in later, mainly some favorites of mine - basically an Expanded PokéDex version alongside the normal release.
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