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    Originally Posted by Sky0fBlades View Post
    Yeah at one point I was de-capping everything, but noticed some weird glitches that happened as a result (like discoloration of PC Box text, and variants of the "PokéballS" issue). For those reasons and future diagnostics of problems, I am saving this one for later.

    Yep, this hack is keeping Gen III's battle mechanics as far as that goes - especially since it could break the use of some Pokémon that rely on the current system. I prefer the old battle system myself, and apparently there aren't a lot of hacks out there that keep the original one.
    A big reason for that being of course a great deal many pokemon suffer without a proper stab move, even if they have a suitable substitute (Mightyena with Shadow Ball rather than Crunch for example).

    Given this I am surprised gamefreak never bothered to consider making ghost attacks special moves from the start then make dark attacks physical when they were introduced. I mean Bite was at first a normal attack in gen 1 after all and was physical as a result. I often wonder what they were thinking when they made the earlier games.
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