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    Pokemon Raging Omega
    A Hack Of Fire Red Omega

    Now, before anyone asks, since i know this will get asked, Yes i did get Dray's permission to do this, if proof is needed just let me know, ill provide our messages.

    Current Features
    - Sprites updated to their DS style sprites
    - New moves and abilities for all 386
    - New items
    - Fairy typing
    - Indoor running
    - Infinite TMs
    - All other features of the original fire red omega

    Planned Features
    - A forced nuzlocke system
    - Shiny odds increased to 1/4096, along with the shiny charm boosting them to 1/1365
    - All trainers' pokemon with perfect ivs, evs, and competitive movesets
    - BW2 repel system
    (There will be more features, I'll add them here as i think of them)

    - MrDollSteak (For his attack and decap. rombase)
    - Chaos Rush (For the DS Style 64x64 sprite resource)
    - Drayano60 (for fire red omega, and allowing me to use his hack as a base)

    Tools used (as of now)
    -Advance Text
    -Advance sprite editor/position editor

    as of 1/6/18 i have added the rombase and updated sprites to fire red omega, along with the listed features, so the game is technically playable, but I don't plan on releasing the game until I've added more features. I also plan on doing a bunch of beta testing and picking out the bugs and fixing them before the initial release as well.

    Just me! But I appreciate anyone who'd like to help me with this project, this is my first project so I really don't know how to do certain things that i want to implement, such as the BW2 repel system, nuzlocke mode, and shiny charm/odds.

    Any updates to the hack will be posted in the thread, and the main post will be updated upon release/major updates!

    (screenshots are in attachments since they decided not to show up in the spoiler)

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