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Piplup fell victim to the lukewarm blankets of Corrina's bed. By then her feathers were dry, having been hit by the beaming sunlight on their trek back to the dorm. Corrina wasn't so fortunate, clothes clinging to her skin. Wrinkles and squeaky sounds emanated from them, reminding her of the unfortunate series of events that will continue to plague her with Piplup around. Furthermore, her hair had the faintest of pool smells.

A long shower alleviated some of her frustrations, yet her hair remained slightly stiff afterwards. An emerald towel covered her body.

"Piplup, listen," Corrina hollered out, voice dripping with restrained annoyance. The penguin rolled over to the edge closest to her master, Corrina upside down in her vision. "You... need to... mmm." The young woman couldn't continue without her voice distorting from attempting to hide her anger. Fingers tightly pinched the bridge of her nose, eyebrows seemingly pushing down on her eyes. Piplup was oblivious to her gestures, eyes blinking out of curiosity.

Webbed feet began to dance in the air, impatient to Corrina's silence. "You ruined my map," the trainer finally calmed her voice, the hand that had been on her face now resting on the bed frame, palm slapping the wooden material. It definitely caught her water-type's focus. At last did they begin to realize that, just maybe, Corrina wasn't content.

"You also soaked me in pool water. I could be sick from walking around." The next came out in a whisper. "Not that you would know, since you're... you're... you're just a penguin." Crisis diverted. She nearly cursed.

With that said Corrina let go of the bed, towels still wrapped around her damp hair and body. Without her glasses her eyes took all of the attention, colors vibrant in contrast to her dull wardrobe. "I'm going to study some more." Without giving her companion a chance to react Corrina summoned her back into her pokéball.

She doesn't want to deal with the critter anymore. Troy would convince her otherwise however, she knew, forcing her to cope with the misfortunes following the penguin. Her brother found them to be fun and a form to spice her daily routine, yet not even a few months in and the Pokémon was driving her into insanity.

Perhaps she wasn't ready to handle this bundle of energy. The two differ too great in personality, prompting her to research more steel-types. Maybe then, the third addition to the team could help establish the preferred behavior Corrina expects.

A trip to the cave systems nearby house a few steel Pokémon. They're more than likely to pop in there than they would in the open fields or the swamplands. Pokémon such as Ferroseed, Onix, Aron, possibly Honedge? No... Maybe more in some area where ghosts congregate. Durant, perhaps Bronzor... Klink? The possibilities of encountering such types excited the trainer, who was surfing the web and books alike for content on such potential team members. While there were other locations that could carry steel-types, the cave systems were very close.

But it would have to be a trip left for another day. For now her main priority should be to train her current team, regardless of how infuriating it may become.
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