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    Name: Rylie Larus || Dorm: Suicune || Team:

    Eggs and Breeding

    “N-Nice to meet you too. “She said with a bit of a stutter, not quite yet recovered from her stage fright. Taking a long breath, she slowly tried to unload all the stress with a roll of her shoulders, only somewhat succeeding before turning her attention back to Brock.

    “But since the two of you showed an interest, how would you like to look after one of these Eggs for yourself?" The man said with thig big goofy grin. “Yep, I’m convinced now… He doesn’t have eyes.” She thought to herself.

    “If you insist I guess I’ll give it a shot.” Rylie said with a bit of an unsure tone; well after the other boy piped up. She assumed taking care of an egg would be a lot more difficult, wouldn’t have trusted herself with one in any case. However, after hearing Brock’s explanation it didn’t seem as bad as she would have assumed.

    "Hmm. Rylie, I think that may be your name, do you want to choose first? I can't choose at the moment. There are so many options! I mean all pokemon are awesome, but I just don't know what to choose." The boy said turning to her. Leaving Rylie somewhat surprised that he didn’t jump for one almost instantly.

    “Y-yeah, it is, and If you in… Okay yeah, sure.” She said, catching herself before saying the same thing again. Looking over the cart she quickly settled for the same one she picked up from earlier. A watery, blue egg with the occasional lighter blue dot on it and a soft yellow base. “This one will be fine, it caught my eye in class after all.” She explained, giving it a quick look over before picking it up. “Er… Is there a proper way we’re supposed to keep these? Do I need to buy a sling or a lamp or something?” She asked, holding the egg between her arms and chest awkwardly for now.
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