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    The Pokemon Trainer Academy


    "Excellent question!" Brock exclaimed. "Some people prefer to carry the Eggs as they are, they feel that the closeness helps them develop, but for others keeping the Egg safe is more of a priority. There are some protective cases under the trolley you can use if you like, or a sling would work too for a bit of the best of both worlds. My advice would be to take one of the cases even if you don't expect it to be your style. Carrying the Egg is all well and good on the school grounds where you aren't likely to run into any trouble, but if you decide to go training elsewhere on the island a bit of extra protection for your charges isn't the worst idea."

    "So, that just leaves you young man," he addressed Dallas, "Once you've picked your Egg and grabbed a case you're both free to go. I'm sure you're both eager to get going."

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