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    Dallas Yukira: Breeding and Eggs Class

    Dallas waited for the girl to choose her egg. He had already know there was a special way to keep eggs thanks to his father. It was one of the first things his father had taught him about eggs. He sighed in relief when Brock had told them that their were cases under the cart. Dallas had bought a little too much in the last few days and he probably couldn't afford the case.

    Dallas nodded and he looked at the eggs. One egg caught his attention, but he had to move three other eggs to get to it. The egg was a greyish blue on color and had two bright teal spots on the top of the egg and a reddish orange color across the middle of the egg. that looked like ti swirled ever so slightly.

    "I will take this one." Dallas said, cradling the egg in one arm, while he reached for one of the protective cases. He lifted it up, noticing it already had the cloth that would keep the egg from bouncing around in the case. He opened the case and softly placed his egg inside the case on the cloth. Remember what his dad had taught him, the case should also like similar to an incubator of sorts.

    Dallas smiled and looked at Brock, "Thank you Mr. Brock. I am very surprised we got eggs so early on! I can't wait to meet my new pokemon."
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