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    Originally Posted by Masterge77 View Post
    What are you going to do with the second Pokemon saga game, there's very little you can change with Emerald, it's basically perfect the way it is.......

    Either way, I like this hack, it's kinda like what I actually had in mind for FR/LG (because they were too much like the original R/B/Y while HG/SS had some major changes, making it feel more like a whole new game rather than a remake)

    Also, will all 151 pokemon be available?
    This is what I'm going to do with, "Pokemon Saga - Emerald":
    *Make Wally your full time rival
    *Brendan/May is no longer your rival, but now a pseudo rival, similar to Dawn/Lucas/Lyra/Ethan in D/P/Pt/HG/SS
    *Completely redo the graphics
    *Fix up Gym Leader teams
    *Add a small sidequest after E4, and after completing it the E4 will get higher levels, just like in FR/LG/Platinum/HG/SS
    *Completely re-work scripts near the beginning since Brendan/May is no longer your rival
    *Your first Pokemon battle will be with Wally
    *Fix some incorrect dialogue
    *Completely redo the Magma & Aqua Admin teams, since they're really weak
    *Add Magma Admin Courtney, who was present in Pokemon Ruby but for some reason removed in Pokemon Emerald, even though Aqua Admins Shelly and Matt both appeared in Emerald
    *Insert an earlier battle with Archie
    *Redo Archie and Maxie's teams since they're kinda weak
    *I might make Steven the Champion like in R/S, because when he says he's the Hoenn Champion in HG/SS even though Wallace is supposed to be the Hoenn Champion. This would also mean I might kill Juan and make Wallace the 8th Gym Leader.
    *Add a place in the Battle Frontier called, "Violet Giftshop"

    And yes, in DarkViolet, there will actually be 386 Pokemon available. I'm going to add a place called "Emerald Giftshop" in the Battle Frontier, where you could "buy" a bunch of Hoenn Pokemon. In my future Emerald hack, I'm going to add a place called, "Violet Giftshop" in the Battle Frontier where you could "buy" a bunch of Kanto Pokemon.

    And for DarkViolet, if I can ever figure out how to hack the regional dex without hacking the national dex, then there will be a new Kanto dex with 201 Pokemon.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention this earlier, but here's Viridian City: