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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    No, because the Day/Night tool has extremely fugly colors currently. And it wasn't part of 3rd Gen, and I want this to be viewed as a 3rd Gen game, not a 4th Gen wannabe hack.

    Oh, and here's some new screenshots:

    Yes, I'm aware of the fact that the Pokemon Center interior looks nothing like it does in HG/SS, but keep in mind that Pokemon Center interior in G/S/C looked nothing like the one in R/B/Y.
    If you want, I can help you out a little bit. Besides, we were able to use a Day/Night program to change the fugly colours. And DN tool was in 3rd gen, just not in FRLG.

    Also, the Pokemon Center looks very nice. Odd that the people are looking to the right, but is there going to be a makeshift PCC?

    EDIT: The trees look really weird on Route 22.

    2nd EDIT: All right if I be a beta tester if you need one? I'll be testing it out on my Wii, though, so I'm also testing if it'll work on other systems.
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