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Originally Posted by Enpatsu Shakugan View Post
I admire your courage in going against popular opinions.

I can't say I agree, battle wise, but it's nice to see someone unafraid to state they don't care for a fan favorite Pokemon.
I wasn't thinking battle wise; I don't play competitively and I've not kept up with it...although I do remember Gliscor wrecking Lucario 90% of the time in Gen IV.

Lucario's mediocrity lies in the company it keeps. This is a Pokemon that is constantly brought up in the anime in a central role, which is something you could forgive to an extent in Gen IV, but Cameron having one in Gen V, and Korrina in Gen VI - the former of which beat Pikachu, and the latter having a ridiculous amount of time devoted to it - just feels like flogging a dead horse. There were better candidates for the role it took in both. There is a distinct tendency to focus on Pokemon of the current generation in the why bring back Lucario? Yes, because it's popular, but apart from that there is NOTHING special about it.

In the early days it was given its own movie, for crying out loud! This was a privelege reserved for Legendary Pokemon only up to that point. Lucario just cannot compare with Legendaries, in any terms. Yes, Mew was in that movie as well, but the movie was about Lucario, a normal Pokemon that had to be inflated with its own version of the Force - Aura being a concept that was never properly explored, might I add - to play a role that was still far too big for it. You can say the same of Zoroark I suppose, but Zoroark hasn't been constantly dragged up through subsequent gens the way Lucario has.

It also has the worst design of any Pokemon - I despise furry bait - but this isn't a worst Pokemon thread, so that's neither here nor there.
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