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    Originally Posted by JoStarNight View Post
    Sunflora. Its sunflower head and smiley face is nice but its predominantly green and rounded body along with bland arms and legs makes its overall design dull; as for battle prowess...everything Sunflora can do, 99.9% of the Grass-type population can do better.
    That last 10% had better be Meganium, right? :t154: Hehehe...

    But anyway, my opinion on the matter is Stantler. To be frank, a lot of the Pokemon introduced in the series that end up to be of a deer-esque species turn out to be mediocre in the end (one huge exception is Xerneas, but I digress), but Stantler is just something else. Despite it having psychic powers as the Dex says it has, such as its hypnotic horns (whose pearls look strikingly similar to Grumpig's, in my opinion), it is only of the Normal type, and has nothing to show for itself even then. Change of typing, better learnset, even a tiny boost in stats, anything, could improve this Pokemon, but alas: it remains a useless deer carcass as the day draws to a close.

    Oh well, at least it has some cute moments in the anime, such as this one:
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