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    Originally Posted by Putin View Post
    ...DPPt maps, which, IIRC, are GameCube 3D format maps. I am aware that a tool is in the works here for editing fourth and fifth gen maps, but tools that would work already exist, and I buggered around with the idea of making a Valve Hammer plugin for it, since I am familiar with Hammer.
    I worked a lot on an editor for 4/5th Gen but I doubt there will ever be a working editor. (In other words. There isn't any "in the works") There isn't enough known about the bmd-format but also
    Originally Posted by smurph717
    Originally Posted by knizz
    Do you know another way to map the materials of a map to the materials of a btx-file without comparing the name?
    Is this data "repointable"? (what is an indicator for the position of this data)
    yeah i found out how to do that, it required some disassembly but it turns out that data is actually lz77 compressed in the arm9.bin file somewhere, i'll dump it soon and share it with you.
    unfortunately the data isn't repointable, it's decompressed into static memory that's present for the entire game (the data is loaded even before the intro/title screen) and the address is hard coded into the game in multiple areas. i can tell you where its loaded in memory while running and i can tell you how to edit the data, recompress it, and replace it in the arm9.bin file though. give me a couple days though cuz i haven't touched anything pokemon related in like a month due to school and getting a job for the summer and other crap.
    He hasn't answered eversince (last login in january). I still wonder how he found out...

    But there's another way to edit maps. You can load them through my tools. Import them in 3ds max. And then use nintendos official tools to convert them back. (use G3DCVTR as keyword when searching)

    The connection between mesh and textures however is hardcoded.

    Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
    ...Pokémon sprites in BW are not frame-by-frame animation. They're segmented pieces drawn on a 256 x 128 map, stitched together by the engine in-game and animated using part swapping, auto transformation/rotation/scaling and moving each segment individually...
    Wow. How do you know?
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