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    Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
    Someone else was kind enough to rip all textures. (link)
    You will have to pardon me if I am being dense, but I see nothing about OW sprites there, which are what I was talking about, and which seem to work as always. Battle sprites aren't really an issue if your goal is to re-implement the following script/feature.

    Originally Posted by knizz View Post
    I worked a lot on an editor for 4/5th Gen but I doubt there will ever be a working editor. (In other words. There isn't any "in the works") There isn't enough known about the bmd-format but also
    Ah, I was mistaken. I recalled seeing a thread here and hearing rumours in another community, but I suppose it was the discontinued project you speak of.

    Anyway, no information is unobtainable. The code was made by humans, and humans can decode it. Granted, perhaps hacking a Pokémon game is not the most likely thing to incite majour effort to decode such a thing.
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