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I've never really been that big of a fan of the Department store to be honest. I only really liked it when they sold stones, so the return of that would be nice! I also think it should be in the biggest city, regardless of where in your journey that may be. Who would actually put a hopping mall on a random road? The biggest profit is in the biggest city, regardless of being different or being late in a player's journey. I kno Pokemon isn't really realistic with many things, but it'd be nice if they were with this one!

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That said...a store that actually sells Pokemon would be nice. Accruing Game Coins to buy a Dratini always bothered me immensely in the past. Why not a store that sells them for cash? Recording time is hardly an issue, so they could get new stock in every day...maybe a shiny every now and then. It'd be a great way to get Pokemon not found in the wild or in that version, as well. I suppose it could be a Pokemon Pound of sorts, since selling Pokemon will probably have PETA up in arms or something, but surely buying them like pets is better than winning them through excessive gambling?

As much as I'd like this, I kind of doubt this would happen. Pokemon has always stressed that pokemon are friends, and in the past the Game Corner was managed by Team Rocket. Although the one in Goldenrod didn't seem to have any ties if I remember correctly...

But rather than shinies (which are already becoming more and more available) I think it should be the other starters you didn't pick as well as version exclusives for the top prizes. Oh yeah, I was thinking this would be more like a Pokemon lottery XD Which I'm sure PETA would just LOVE.
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