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Kion Gavin - Mall

Gavin stared at Regeant, the specialty magics store in front of him, but he was reluctant to walk in; it was as if there was some kind of barrier keeping him. In reality, he was still trying to cope with the fact that he was close to a legitimate resource for magic goods. He'd visited human magic stores (and fantasy stores) for years back in the Human Realm, but a lot of the stuff there was questionable in legitimacy; here it was the real deal. He could hardly hold his excitement, though he tried not to let it show. He clenched his fists, smiled, and walked inside.

The inside of the store wasn't exactly what he was expecting, but it was indeed large. Well, to be specific, Regeant wasn't actually that large of a store, being specialty brand as it was; rather, it was part of a magic market by the name of Kazam. Gavin's mind immediately shot to a certain movie from the 90s of the same name and promptly snickered. He noticed it was getting dark, and he didn't want to get lost in the plethora of magical items on sale, so he immediately found his way to the sealing devices. It may have sounded or looked strange to a non-mage that there was a section completely devoted to sealing devices, but there were many uses for them in the field of magic, more than simply staunching or preventing potentially uncontrollable magic.

Gavin had trouble finding them, though, despite how much smaller Regeant was to the rest of the market. Someone tapped on his shoulder, which made Gavin jump, as he was sure that no one was behind him in the prior moments. He turned around to see a person with cold eyes, dark red hair, and an octagram on their forehead. The stranger immediately took Gavin's hand, turned it over, and looked at it closely. "Hm...Mammon and Baal, huh?" They asked, looking up at Gavin with a smirk. Gavin's whole body went cold when those words were uttered. It was astounding- unbelievable even- that this person was able to figure out who Gavin had a pact with by merely looking at it. The stranger was clearly a Deva Mage as well, which sparked some quickfire theories from Gavin. "Calm down," The male said, taking note of Gavin's surprise. He pointed to his octagram and said, "Satan." He returned his hand to his side. "I only guessed since Baal is a Pentagram and Mammon is a hexagram, but the two have slightly different shades of black and emanate different colored auras. I take it that you're looking for something to seal the power then, right?" Gavin nodded, still unable to speak. "Right this way."

The man, clearly an employee, said this as some sort of joke, because as he started to walk away he almost immediately turned back to Gavin. Gavin put on a puzzled look, and for a couple of moments he didn't notice what had just happened. He then looked around, as if to break the awkwardness of the rather strange situation, and noticed that he wasn't in the same part of the store that he was before. The employee laughed to himself and said, "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you; it's something of a tradition among the first time visitors." He cleared his throat, composed himself, and as bowed. "I hope you enjoy your stay." With that, he vanished.

Gavin looked at the spot where the man was for a few moments, he was in a daze. He shook his head and tried to focus on the task at hand. He looked to the rack, or rather, the racks in front of him. There were far more than simple gloves there, and the gloves they did have varied in style quite a bit. There where Monk Sutras, Bandage Seals, and even things as large as hoods and jackets. He didn't have time to examine the many different types seals that were available...well, that's the excuse he used, at least; in reality he didn't want to spend that much money. Of the many things he inherited from his mother, he was an incurable shopping addict. If his father wasn't such a frugal person, the family would have been in some terrible financial trouble. He didn't have that much money anyway, and he surely didn't want to pay any loans back, so he bought a fingerless Glove of Adept Sealing and bought it, biting his lip as he rushed out of the store.

He equipped the glove and the smile he had earlier immediately grew larger. It was rather short lived, however, as he started to ponder a rather serious matter. He looked down at the glove on his hand. He wondered if he could really forsake all other magic for the sake of spiritual magic; that wasn't the type of thing he could commit to. His intent was to do so, so as to keep everyone safe, but if he were to lock away the one thing that made him most curious, the one thing that kept him intrigued and guessing, and the one thing that made his time at the academy worth anything...he wouldn't be Gavin anymore. His curiosity was his humanity, and without that, he wouldn't even have the right to wear his name anymore.

He wasn't ready to make any to make any permanent decisions yet. He arrived at the campus and then started to walk towards the Girl's Dorm inadvertently. He didn't know why; in fact, he didn't even notice that he was doing it until he had arrived at the front door. He raised his hand to knock, but then let out a tired, sarcastic laugh; he knew just how stupid that would be. He sighed, pondering his impending fate, and headed back to the Boy's Dorm.
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