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    Originally Posted by BlackWhiteRobin View Post
    And I know you're all for "static" poses but I thought I'll give Decidueye a try. Here:

    I based this on Decidueye's Dream World and Pokken Tournament DX Artwork but I bent his legs so it'll be like he swoops in and waves his wing (cape) around like Batman. :D I also kinda used this threads current Inceneroar sprite to proportionate the height.

    I'll try to create a static one too if this doesn't fit your standards. I'll also try and improve leparagon's sprite. I'm kinda not all for the wings of his third one. Also, I think his wings (cloak, cape) should be longer contrary to what is already presented. :/
    dont worry man, ive seen you contribute here before and anyone's help is always welcome. that pose is too dynamic and makes decidueye look way too small, which is why i didn't go for it tbh. and don't worry about the length of the wings, it's negligible especially for the way we're handling decidueye for GBA. as for improving the wings, go ahead. i actually felt off about them but i was tired and i've expressed before how much i hate spriting decidueye for 64x64 (even tho i like its design lmao) so I didnt fix the wing anymore lmao

    anyway as for the rest of the pokemon, since we're virtually done with the mons, i'm going back and looking through which of the sprites need qc and which need DS palettes, i'll keep a list of it and talk to darkdragon
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