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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
One thing that really irked me though, was when they put Zuko's voice on a character named Iroh, on someone born years later. I mean, it kinda makes sense since he's a descendant of Zuko, however I've just gotten used to someone named Iroh having that friendly old man voice, and just hearing Zuko's voice not coming from Zuko just doesn't really feel right :<
I think it's wrong to compared Korra to Anime, since Anime is a secondary voice over (and the Japanese voice over is normally more accurate to the character). Other than the irk with Zuko's voice I think the voicing was great though! Old Katara (no idea if it's the same person?), Korra and Asumi all had great voices imo.

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
About the title of the next season, I have no idea. Was the first season actually called something?
It was Book 1: Air this season, which made sense since she was learning air bending ><.

I guess, potentially, 'Metal' and 'Blood' are possibly book titles for Season 2.


Sign me up please! I think Earth/Metal suits me quite well :3