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Alright, I started playing Pokémon Cloud white 2 and I must say that it definitely better than cloud white 1 (which I severely disliked.)
However there are a few things that are going wrong in this hack. The following are:

1) The guy who is supposed to give you a turtwig gives you a level 5 Kirilia.
2) The girl who gives you a happing egg hatches into a turtwig.
3) It is possible to take all three starters of professor Oak.
4) none of the bikers on the cycling road can be seen and it is easy to access the cycling road even before your first badge.
5) Many mapping errors.

This is all I've seen so. Also, I have a few questions to ask:
1) Will you be Changingi the OW sprite of the main character as well as other characters?
2) Will you be adding sinnog music to this hack?
3) will you change the sprites of Pokémon to make them look like later gens?