Pokemon Chosen Ones (Coming Soon)

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Posted November 27th, 2018
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Type: Complex

How many layers?: Single layer or double i guess confused there

Split Boxes or Solo Box?: Split Boxes

Section Headers?: Yes or no. Yes

Mobile Friendly?: Yes or no. Yes( if you can't its fine)


Primary Background:

Inner Background: Grey or Black whatever loks better

Text Colors: You Choose idk Purple or maybe Aqua

Borders: Aqua

Headers: YES and a spot for the logo

Anything Else?:I would just love something that makes my game seem interesting enough for people at least hit that download button also i saw how u said youll put a little thing that credits ou i dont mind where yo pu and how big as long as its not in the way because for you to do this and only have one request i think you need more exposure thx's for this
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