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    > Pray(how long has it been?) Ask Gengar if he has batteries, if he doesn't loot Ecruteak. Tell Jasmine to scratch Elm and last but not least teach Vesta grammar.

    This isn't exactly the kind of itch you can scratch. This is more of an itch coming from a canker in the soul, a little boil of self formed where the questing tendrils of eldritch parasites plunge deep into one's core; unless you know a philosopher with a liberal attitude and an array of magic spells, there's nothing really you can do but wait, and hope that when you fix the world the coral will die and fall away from him.

    You very much doubt the Gengar has batteries. It's the freaking sky, for God's sake! As for looting Ecruteak, you already did that.

    Vesta has learned as much about grammar as you can teach her. She slightly misunderstands the meaning of the word 'nemesis', but now isn't the time to correct her.

    > Ask the Gengar if he/she/it can tell you anything about the Ruins of Alph.
    Also, you should probably try and see if you can find supplies, food or anything useful around, since, y'know, your starter is already pretty hot on your trail...

    Hah! It's hot on your tail? Get it? Because it's following you, and it's on fire?

    Sheesh. Fine. Be like that.

    Anyway, you ask the Gengar if it knows anything about the Ruins of Alph.

    Something is waiting there, it tells you. Something young and strong. I cannot see what it is, but I fear it. It blinks slowly. The Unown are buzzing, it goes on. I feel them humming in the air all around us, but I cannot see them. Not until they die.

    “Right,” you say. “Uh, thanks.”

    You cannot loot Ecruteak. There is nothing left to loot, unless you can somehow get past the locked gate of the Bellchime Trail and investigate the Bell Tower.

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