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    > Before you do anything, check that cut on your arm. Then you should probably check character stats. At some point you also need to eat drink and whatnot.
    > But now that you are in the Ruins of Alph, try and see if there are still any trees in the area.
    Either you, or maybe Vesta herself can snap a few twigs and branches for her to eat.

    The cut on your arm is fine; it's not too deep, and has almost stopped bleeding already – more of a graze than a gash. Besides, it's your left arm, not the one you need to aim and fire the Handgun.

    As for stats... You look Vesta over briefly and determine that she has some stats, but not others; reality seems to be a bit hazy on whether or not she counts as a Pokémon. She has 194 HP and 286 Special Attack, but that's all you can work out.

    There are plenty of trees around the border of the ruins.

    >Anyway, do we still have anything left to eat?
    If there are, then it's probably best to eat while traveling.
    If there aren't any food available, maybe there are berries around?
    If the food requires cooking, can Vesta's palms be turned into a makeshift frying pan?
    > I'd say to find some sort of shelter before you eat or drink. There could be something there that could help you, and I'm a bit worried about the sparks.

    There are two entrances to the ruins themselves that you can reach from here, and also the little hut that the scientists studying the Unown lived in. You decide to shelter in there, after gathering up a few sticks for Vesta.

    Inside, you cook and eat the last of the outsize European Eels, and drink the last of the water.

    A glance out of the rear window tells you that the flames are coming closer.

    It is starting to get dark.

    The infection spreads. Elm is Mildly Inconvenienced.

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