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    > Inventory and Bad Egg checks.

    Othodox's Inventory:

    Ceremonial Sword x1
    Elm's Key x1
    Fig x6
    Fine Ruby x3
    Glorious Great Diamond x1
    Gorgeous Sapphire x2
    Grimoire x1
    Hideously Dangerous Stabby Thing x1
    Highly Persuasive Handgun x1
    Loaded Portable Spratchery (Two Shots) x1
    Master Ball x1
    MooMoo Milk x2
    Pot of Incense x1
    Rocks x13
    Sacred Ash x1
    Sodden Lava Cookie x1
    Sturdy Scale x3
    TM01 Focus Punch x6

    Elm's Inventory:

    'Tea' Flask x7
    Blessed Staff x1
    Cooking Pot x2
    Cutlery Set x6
    Empty Bottle x7
    Fearsome Idol x1
    Fibreglass Rock Wall x1
    Folding Chair x10
    Fuel Cell (Full) x2
    Fuel Cell (Half Depleted) x1
    Laptop x1
    Limpet x52
    Master Ball x1

    Vesta's Inventory:

    Adamantine Silken Skin x1
    Smoke x∞

    Jasmine's Inventory:

    Iron Maggot x13

    The Egg Watch: Sounds can be heard coming from inside! It will hatch soon!

    > LEEROY JENKINS!! ...I mean go forth.

    In the main part of the ruin, where the old sliding tile puzzle used to be, is a set of stairs that descend deep into an illimitable blackness.

    You climb down the stairs by the light of Vesta's eyes, and once you reach the corridor below the grinding of stone above comes to your ears: you will not be returning this way.

    You stand, as far as you can make out, in a small, square room. On one wall is an inscription in Unown runes that reads:

    “Of course,” you say, suddenly seeing it all. “Oh, of course...”

    “What is it?” asks Vesta.

    “I figured out what it is,” you reply. “And I figured out how we save the world.” You take the Bad Egg out and stare at it. “I was given this for a reason,” you say. “It has to hatch, and it has to hatch here. You see—”


    You start and turn abruptly as dirt patters from the ceiling.

    Something above you is smashing through the stone to get to you.


    You remember that Quilava can learn Dig.


    “Guys,” you say, putting the Egg away and taking Vesta's hand, “it's time to run.”

    “Run where?” cries Elm but you know the ruins, you were built for this place, and you're already sprinting away down the corridor that you knew would be there, down into the dark, deep down under the earth as the Quilava continues its relentless assault above.

    “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” asks Jasmine, her body creaking and groaning in protest at the speed it is forced to travel at.

    “Anywhere!” you reply. “Just away from that thing!”

    And you run, and you run, until even you are lost, and you find yourself in a hall, huge and echoing, with a richly carved floor and walls thick with Unown lettering. There is no visible light source, but somehow the room is evenly, if dimly, illuminated.

    To the north is a distant figure.

    To the south are the tunnels.

    To the east and west are doorways to further tunnels.

    There are Elegant Carvings here.

    There are Secrets Writ in Stone here.

    The stone is giving way.

    The infection spreads. Elm is Inconvenienced.

    Note: I love it when I have a reason to use my Unown font.

    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.