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Just wanna post to tell you guys that I have no plans to shut this hack down.
I will finish this, if ever I can make some free time, but really, school is eating a lot of my time and attention, where final exams are coming up.
If ever I can pass those exams, I can finally graduate in college and then will start to look for a job. Not looking forward to that. D:

So, yah, I am just busy, but in the mean time, H2O Turquoise is currently mapping the other parts of the hack. I also had help from salamence13 with the icons.
Crosell's also making some back sprites in his free time.

So yah, little progress due to life. =/

to answer some questions...

@ trebornosliw...
There's no Daycare Center in the game yet.
I forgot if I made a Skarmory available in the current beta, and I forgot how a Skarmory will evolve in this hack. :P

@ Paranoid...
I have thought of changing the main tree tiles, but I really liked the FR/LG trees so darn much, and so the reason why they're in the game. :P
Although if I can find any other tree tiles that suits my taste, I'll replace them. ;)

@ jason0416...
I'll try to fix those when I am bothered to do so.
Frankly, I don't usually rescript an already good script if I still need to continue scripting the main storyline in the game.
If ever the game reaches it's final beta, remind me (or slap me if you must) to fix those glitches. :P

btw... to those who are having some questions about the three Ruby Destiny games, you can still view the old Help Thread in my signature.
Also, if you're impatient and want a quick answer about RD-RoL and RD-RR, click on my sig's link that states "PKMN RD Site", for there's a page where you can write your concerns. I will then answer them as soon as possible, or others can also answer your questions. Thanks~