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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    I never released it, that's why.

    (Insert code here)

    Change the code at 0x7F9F4 to:
    01 1C 00 00 00 48 00 47 XX XX XX 08
    Where, once again, your insert location + 1 replaces the XX's. Easy stuff. Now, using it means you have to create a new table in your ROM, the format for said table is:

    [Pokémon Species - Half-Word][Song ID to Play - Half-Word]
    With an FE FE 00 00 at the end of it to signify to the routine that the table is finished.

    Then, point the tableloc to this new table, and you should be good to go. Remember, of course, to keep everything correctly aligned. Major note: I only tested this with special 0x138, but in theory it should also work for 0x137. It does NOT work with wildbattle!

    Is there any limits to what you're able to do with FireRed? It is amazing to see you create so many barrier-crushing ASM routines for the game!

    The code works perfectly, by the way. I assigned proper tunes to all the legendary Pokémon in the ROM, and the code works without a hitch. Theories seem to fall flat, though; the code doesn't work for special 0x137. That's OK, though; the use of the special in FireRed makes the ice chunks in the background some off-seeming colors, including black and white. I'm fine with just using special 0x138 anyways.

    I guess that makes the poll null now. Like I said before, this is great news for everyone! Thanks so much again, Jambo51.

    With this great news, hopefully I can get my next release out relatively soon. It'll be a drastic change compared to last time!

    Maybe next time I'll control my frustration better on the forums...:embarrass
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