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    Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
    i know that i send a pm to ritchersnipes about a specific bug, but, now i came across another one, well, first, when using both my save from v2.51, with the latest version, the game freezes when i open the town map, i get a black screen, and the game also freezes when i try to use fly to go to any city or town, it goes to a black screen and do some noise sound ,i hope that you get to fix this as soon as you can....
    Sorry, I've been busy as of late and still am. I'm posting this in the main thread because it's important that everyone sees this.

    I forgot to mention that freeze bug. It will occur only if you're using the Wardrobe patch, and only if you're playing as a male character. That's because the pointers to the male character's head sprite on the map changed in making the old-school version of it (the new head somehow took up more space than the old one).

    Do you have the previous patched version of the ROM? If you do, make a save state after loading its save and use that save state for the new patched ROM. Save states should be compatible between versions.

    Also, make sure you're patching a new ROM each time and not applying a new patch on top of a previous version of my hack. If you patch a new version on top of an old version, you're gonna have a bad time. :)
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