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    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    Wow! What a great idea with the GB Player. Love how you incorporated all the Pokemon as well - has a professional feel to it. Not haphazard at well. Any chance of you making '386'-like hacks for other Pokemon games from GenI-III? They way you approached the idea was better than most others I've come across.
    Thanks so much! I'll start my response with this: I will never dabble in hacking the GB(C) Pokémon games. The work that other hackers, such as miksy91, put into editing such limited games is incredible, and I admire them for what they've achieved. However, I personally find it a waste of time and effort to hack long outdated games that have improved alternatives to them, which would be the updated versions of the old games (FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver).

    What I believe is that the remakes should be focused on instead. In my ideal world, all remakes of old games would include everything people love about the originals while providing absolute improvements to what was available before. Remaking the complete 8-bit custom soundtrack for FireRed falls into the former, as many people would take the original tracks over the GBA ones any day of the week. I know I would. The Wardrobe patch also serves this purpose. The Extras patch serves the latter purpose.

    This leaves the Catch 'em All patch all alone. I created this because I suspected others would want something like it for my hack (it seems to be a requirement nowadays in all FireRed hacks, like it or not). However, I don't care for taking "personal liberties" with them, as you've already noticed. If it doesn't feel authentic, it won't be in my patch. Also, if you haven't been able to tell yet, I haven't changed anything about the Pokémon themselves. All Pokémon are the same types. They learn the same moves as they do in FireRed. And, yes, the trade-evolve Pokémon still evolve through trade. Changing these things would be changing the canon established in the franchise, and doing that would be against my intentions.

    As I've already stated, I won't be making this a 386 hack, but a 251 hack. I also have no intentions to make a 386 hack ever. Doing so would require making a game with two full-fleged regions, which I could never do with the 3rd gen unless those regions were Kanto and Hoenn. That role is already being filled by Suicune and atif, and I have no intentions on stepping on their toes to do that. Plus, making such a massive patch would drain me of too much time and energy. In fact...

    Once I've finished my work with FireRed Throwback, I'm done with GBA hacking. Considering the GBA is also now a dead system, I'd like to stop being a part of it. If anything, I might dabble with DS hacking, as there are technically superior games available for it that serve a similar purpose as the games available for this system. I know the DS will have a long-lasting hacking scene, as we will likely never see a hacking community for the 3DS, much less an emulator, or even flashcarts, for it. I'm eager for the new era to usher in full! The upcoming DS Map Editor for the 4th (and 5th?) gen games makes me proud of this community and their achievements in game hacking.

    I'm sorry if this response upsets you, but it's what I believe now. I've thought about it for quite a while now, and this decision didn't come without deliberation.

    Would prefer if the extra patches could be individually applied though.
    By that, do you mean that each specific extra is patchable on its own, or that the extras altogether are patchable alongside the other offerings? The Extras patch is already separate from the others. I think that the problem with separating each extra into its own patch is that it would result in too many optional patches, confusing people enough to make them not want to try out my hack.

    In that case, the main feasible options would be to either make a program capable of letting the user pick which patches he/she wants and have it do all the work for them, or create a webpage with a similar function. I don't see either of those happening from my own power. For the former, I don't have the skills necessary to code a program that could do such a thing. As for the latter, I have a base idea of what to do, but going through with it would result in an immediate cease-and-desist by Nintendo/Game Freak/Creatures for having the game's data available on the web. Not to mention the swift perma-banning I'd get from PC as a result...

    I'd gladly support a program that could serve the former purpose if one ever got made, or exists in any fashion right now! I just wouldn't be able to do it myself given my current skill set.


    Just a quick update for everyone: Thank you for your responses to the poll! I now have a base idea of how I'd want to implement Mew and Celebi. Details in the spoiler:

    Mew will most likely be on a recreation of Faraway Island (tweaked trees, no dock, no long grass), and I already have a base idea on how I will implement it. No promises on how long that will take, as it might be a long time to script such an involved event on my own. The biggest challenge will likely be with the world map. I hope I can get it done on my own, but I don't know about this one.

    My intentions for Celebi are even more ambitious, though. If I get my way, I'll end up making several "new" maps to fit the legendary into the game properly. I'll also throw in a pleasant surprise for players who get Celebi, something that will please those who've played the 2nd-generation games. However, such an elaborate event would take a real long time to do. It also might conflict with other hacks that have that area in them already (by a creative standpoint, not a technical one). There's also the concern of assets, something which I'd need the assistance for others for sure. If worst comes to worst I'll make Celebi a non-battle obtainable or put it in the same place as Mew.

    For now, the current poll will stay open to leave an opportunity for a change of mind/heart.

    This just leaves one question left: What will be done about the Johto starters? They're now the only Pokémon I have no idea what to do with. Polls wouldn't suffice with this as it requires more defined responses.
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