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    Confused by the numbering? Don't be! I chose that because I felt it to be right for my purposes regarding the hack. Plus it represents the -bit system that is the GBA (32-Bit).

    Anyways, today's update doesn't really have new features. Instead, I chose to completely overhaul the element that I originally focused on with this hack: the music. Before, the 8-Bit songs in this hack sounded awfully close to the real deal. I haven't heard anything in the ways of complaints since addressing the few that I had when I first released it, so most of you might not even know what I'm talking about when I say that the old tracks were a bit off, even after my self-touted major upgrade awhile ago.

    Anyways, no more being down on my old work. Recently, I made a few posts in the old GB Player thread in the Research & Development forum. Since doing so, I happened upon something that was a gold mine to me: a major correlation between the structure of songs in the original games and the structure of GBA tracks! With a lot of work, and a bit of frustration, I now present to you the fruits of my labor: nearly perfect recreations of the 8-Bit tracks. Listen closely for those wonderful beeps-and-boops of old times.

    Oh, yeah: you can now finish your pre-4th Gen Eevee-lution collection! Yay :).



    GB Player
    • All of the 8-Bit songs are now based on the original code, resulting in tunes that are almost 100% accurate to their depictions in the old games.
    • The 8-Bit tracks now all use a unique voicebank, structured specially for making more 8-Bit songs with it.
    • Various sound cleanup and restoration of the original FireRed ROM's code where appropriate.
    Catch 'em All
    • The most basic Real Time Clock features have been implemented, along with Jambo51's custom time-based evolution ASM codes for Eevee. Now you can get Espeon and Umbreon through standard means.
    • Bugfix: Raikou now appears where it is supposed to be after interacting with it in Altering Cave.

    Enjoy the new version, guys!
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