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After reading Lappy's post one-two (or three) pages ago, I have come to the conclusion that Naruto Shippudden didn't suck (in comparison to part 1) as much as I thought it did. In fact, the only anime scene which ever brought me to tears was from NS. The scene where Obito tells Sasuke about his brother's secret and the flashback ends with Itachi touching Sasuke's forehead while dying. I cried for like a minute or two (what? I'm an older brother, gosh! I could relate to it to a degree! ;p). Good times.

Plus, I realize the only two (or three, actually) arcs that I dislike are the Kazekage retrieval arc, the training arc (it wasn't bad..just bored me at times) and the war arc. The other arcs were actually good. (b")b