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    I'm in the process of moving my hack from Fire Red to Emerald for several reasons. One of which was the ability to have snowy grass by changing the soot-covered grass on Route 113. I ran into a little issue, though. I put the grass tiles behind the tops of the trees in this area:

    The normal grass and the left side of the tree work fine. The right side, however, changes to the left side of the tree after the snow is shaken off. I have a video that shows what I mean:

    All of the tile behaviors are what they need to be. The snowy grass is set at 24 00 and the normal grass at 02 00, so that wouldn't have anything to do with it. I've tried moving the snowy grass tree tiles around the tileset, but they always get replaced with the left side of the tree when you walk through them. I'd imagine that it has something to do with the routine that has to do with the tile getting replaced when you walk through it. I've looked at all the level scripts, but I'm not too experienced with scripting yet. The second level script controls the weather changes, but I have no idea what the first one does.

    #org 0x1F215E
    cmda6 0x1

    Maybe that calls up the grass change routine? I don't have a clue.