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Originally Posted by Garet View Post
No, that looks great. Thank you, Laugh.
You're welcome, Garet! And thank you for giving credit to me, credit is not needed, but always appreciated. Please come again!

Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
I don't know if its just me, but are you saving these as .jpg's ?
Try saving them as .PNG's .. makes the quality better ;)
Er, I save them as a PNG file. Is the quality low? It's fine on my computer, and apparently everybody else's.

Attention, everybody! Announcement!

Tests are coming up, and I'm a bit too busy with school work. I'm going to close the shop for a while, since I really have to work on my grades. But I'll be back and running in a week or so, trust me. So, I'll contact Logiedan to have the shop closed aaaand see you, guys! Au revoir!

I'm back, and the shop is now open. You can start requesting again.

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