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Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
hehe. I'm back! Since you love albinos how about this:
Username: Checkers
Pokemon: Albino quilava!
how experiment a little bit. Like the flame could be different colors.
Most of all have fun. Go crazy!

I didn't go all out on this one; my creativity's gotten dry. Meh, here's your request!

I wanted to make a rainbow for the flames, but I failed, so I made it blue. Cool flames. Anyways, please come back again!

Originally Posted by Sudeki View Post
Thanks! Yes I know it was a hard request, but I think you did a great job with it :D.
You're welcome! Please come back and tell your friends! Also, if you're thinking about a redo, just tell me! It wasn't my best work but I can always improve it.

Originally Posted by chimcharific View Post
Wow! All spriites that made by Laugh are great!
I like the Buizel Pokeball that she made!
Thanks, cousin! Feedback is always appreciated.

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