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    Originally Posted by dreamengine View Post
    I'm trying to make the effects for Thunder fang, ice fang, and fire fang, but when I do I feel like the effect rates are really low. The flinch works fine almost too much because it seems like it's every other move, but the paralyze, freeze, and burn almost never happen. I'm not quite sure what to do because there's no effect that make paralyze freeze and burn happen 100% of the time. Here is my code for thunder fang.

    Thunder Fang
    01 5E 69 1D 08 00 00 02 03 04 05 06 07 09 0A 0E 5C 00 3A 0B 00 0C 00 0D 12 40 00 0F 12 40 00 2E 85 3E 02 02 08 15 2E 85 3E 02 02 05 15 28 47 69 1D 08
    Firstly, the fang moves don't have 100% chance to burn/freeze/paralyze, they have the same chance as the flinch.

    Secondly, to make an effect have 100% chance of hitting the target, you need to change the 0x15 that's tagged onto the end of the effect to a 0x16 instead.

    This makes it ignore the chance, and give the status, as long as the status can be given.

    Hope this helps!
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