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    Absolutely fantastic tutorial, it's so easy to follow and allows for some real high level hacking.
    I had one problem though, probably from copy an offset wrong by 1 byte, because all the new
    moves are missing the first letter. So growl becomes rowl. For example. Also there is one move
    (and only one) that seems to cause the program to crash. I'll try redoing the tutorial again to see if it was just the way in which I did it the first time!
    But honestly, really amazing, especially combined with Chaos_Rush's custom animations.

    EDIT: After refollowing the tutorial I no longer have a problem with the New names. However the new moves which
    take the names of Defense Curl, Psywave, Focus Energy and Reflect cause the application to crash. Has this happened to anyone else?
    It says unhandled exception, yada yada. But then 'Argument 'RecordNumber' is not a valid value'
    So this must mean there's a problem in the hex for the move data right? If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!
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