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Ok time to play catch up.

General comments first:
- since no one has claimed to be gunned today... I'm guessing either Aldo was Villager (gunsmith) / Isabelle (santa minus investigative role??) (tbh Aldo is reckless enough to give out a gun on N0), or Isabelle gave a vest out last night, or Villager gave a gun to scum. I didn't get online before the end of the last day so couldn't shoot my gun and tbh now I'm hesitant to use it in case it's fabbed (scum villager) or scum Bowser Jr tampered with it. rip we'll see
- Town reads on L'Belle and Rabi. L'Belle in particular has been making really well-reasoned posts, and there have been a couple opportunities to jump onto quick bandwagons but him questioning those buys him town points in my eyes. Rabi as well seems to be seeing through this messiness and I do agree to him to an extent that it seems kinda coordinated by a maf team?
- I personally don't think that what jd did was scummy enough to warrant a lynch, sure he was quick to hop onto the Juno vote but since it was so early in the day I doubt it was to try and form a solid bandwagon. I do agree that it did kinda seem like Juno switched to get a tie but at the same every other post of Juno's does seem pretty levelheaded and insightful.
- +1 to what jd said about metroid's reasoning being weak

Josh is Rabinov correct?
I've never been more offended in my life

Bardothren has replaced Del, effective immediately

Ok real talk how much would Bard hate me if I just shot him right now

(Kidding I want him to play with us again)

I don't know how anyone would read the Juno switch as scummy, it just doesn't make sense and it seems like he's still trying to cling to that.
Literally right above he explained himself, would hardly call that clinging.

Initial thoughts on 5qwerty, town. Reason being huge wall of texts on mobile which is normally a good read for me.
Ok this was an interesting post to me. Where has 5qwerty mentioned that his posts are on mobile?

5qwerty has mentioned being cautious of the cult a few times now. Peci follows 5qwerty's vote on jd pretty quickly. And Peci mentions 5q making mobile posts when 5q has never mentioned that in this thread... wonder if 5q has mentioned that somewhere else to you Peci?

Unless I've missed where 5q said he's on mobile, I'm kinda seeing this as a cult slip, and I'm not liking the jd wagon sooooo chucking a ##vote Pecilia down.