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    Originally Posted by SBaby View Post
    Here's hoping Paul doesn't become another Gary clone (getting beaten by a Legendary Pokemon and then mellowing out).

    Actually, now that I think about it, I'm more concerned about him becoming another Vegeta. Think about it for a second. Go over the whole Anime for a moment. Think of who everyone is... Aren't things starting to point that way? I hope I'm wrong... I really do. Pokemon NEEDS a real villain in the show for once. But I don't know if Nintendo would do that...

    Why do I suddenly have a really bad feeling about this Generation?
    Nintendo has real villains, but they are as you just said: scared. Or lack of creativity as they'd rather have us get Badges upon Badges than interesting plotlines. Heh. I'm just hoping he doesn't drop out of sight like all the rivals (Shigeru, Shuu, Harley) or the real criminals (Sakaki, Homura/Izumi).
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