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    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    Well some Pokemon will be hard pressed to be successful in OU, even when used by the best of players and in the best strategies and non-Uber tier legendaries are perfectly fair in standard play, so if someone challenges you to a standard OU battle, then chances are you may fight a legendary. Also, Multiscale and Solar Power are obtainable through the Pokemon Dream World, so you have to get a Dratini/Charmander from there. Haha, I may be bringing all of this down on you too harshly, but I guess we all have to face the fact that our favorites can't always win.
    The Dream World is so slow, I can't stand it. At least it looks pretty, and if that's the only way I'll just have to try it.

    It's not too harsh, I always knew that would be the case.

    Legendaries may be fair, but I won't use them, just a personal issue, I don't care if others do, and they have, that Volcarona tore my team apart.