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Nice team! I need to get my 'mons to lv. 100 sometime too... ugh, so lazy. D:

So you like trading? Drop by the Trade Corner sometime to trade with our members~! I sadly can't since I've no WiFi but there are a lot of people on PC who will be interested, I'm sure. The TC even has its own IRC chat where you can talk to the regulars and request trades and such. :3 Speaking of Black/White 2, I'm kind of bored in my Black 2 myself since I'm running out of things to do. EV trained most of my team and hatched some good Pokemon.. but still need to conquer Black Tower and the PWT. Guess that's something?

Oh, and I'd suggest putting your friend code in your signature since it'll be seen more quickly that way. We also do have a battling section, though most of the battles are done over a battling simulator called Pokemon Showdown than WiFi, I believe, though there are also WiFi battlers as well of course (but probably not as many). It's a pretty great program since you can just create your dream team! I've had a lot of fun participating in tournaments there~

But yeah - welcome to PC, Tom, and I hope you have an awesome stay.
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