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Oh hello there Tom, welcome to PC!

Megan and Cirno have covered all you need to know about the Trade Corner section, and our Pokemon Showdown server where most of our battles are held and the convenience with it is you don't even need to use your DS and such tricky wi-fi connections! I'm a regular on the server myself, under the username +OshyHikari. The + near my name is a certain rank, but you'll soon get to know what it means if you visit. I recommend you do so.

You may also want to check out the Battle Center section where you can discuss competitive battling and even get your teams rated. And since you're also playing Black 2 you should stop by the Fifth Generation Gaming section which has some neat topics on Black 2 & White 2. I've been playing Black 2 for a while now and I still love it, it's such an awesome game and I'm a sucker for 5th Generation in general.

I hope you have fun here, and I'm always open for a message if you need anything!

- Hikari10
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