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The day Sonic Adventure 2: Battle came out I was very happy, mostly because it was on the ps3 store (who has remakes for FF7 and ff8) I loved the game as a kid but played it on a gamecube, so I was happy to see it on the PS3.

FF8 I could only play at my grandmother's house because she had a ps1, I had to play through all of the game without saving because there was no memory card (I only could play disk 1) so when that came on the ps3 I was happy.

Now they are remaking FFX and Ill be even happier, both my ps2 and my old version of the ps3 are broke so I can't play that.

In short, I'm saying remakes are good if it brings it to a new console. I honestly don't like playing older consoles because it is annoying to replace something on my TV just to play a game.
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