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    Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion (choose one): Gym Leader
    Name: Alexander
    Title: The Icy Conglomerate
    Type specialty: Ice and Water
    Pokémon: Cloyster (Water/Ice)
    Dewgong (Water/Ice)
    Gyarados (Water/Flying)
    Porygon-Z (Normal)
    Articuno (Ice/Flying)
    Glaceon (Ice)

    Personality and background: Born and raised in Mahogany Town, Alexander is a loner but not completely anti-social. He got his passion for Ice type Pokémon from none other than Pryce, Mahogany Town's gym leader. Alexander vows one day to be the best Ice type trainer in the world and to take over Pryce's duty as gym leader. In order to do so, Alexander travels all over Johto and Kanto in search for powerful Ice and Water type Pokémon. His first Pokémon was a Cloyster, which he evolved from a Shellder he found in the waters between Johto and Kanto. Gyarados and other Water and/or Ice types followed shortly after. Alexander heard a legend that Articuno, a legendary bird of ice, was inhabiting the Seafoam Islands outside Cinnabar Island in Kanto, so after raising Cloyster and his other Pokémon to high levels, Alexander went in search for Articuno in hopes of capturing it and become the ice master he wanted to be. Despite its treacherous waters, Alexander and his loyal Ice types made it to the Seafoam Islands and explored deep inside its icy caverns. The frigid conditions of the caverns threatened Alexander's health, but he didn't want to give up looking for the ice bird of legend. Finally, after swimming through dangerous and chilly waters and climbing icy cliffs, Alexander found Articuno, and challenged it to a battle. Articuno proved to be quite a challenge for Alexander and his Pokémon, using moves like Mist to conceal itself and devastating Alexander's Pokémon with powerful Ice moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard. Alexander was down to Cloyster after awhile, and he wondered if he'd be stranded in the icy cold islands should he lost all his Pokémon to Articuno. Vowing not to give up, Alexander sent his last Pokémon, Cloyster, to take down Articuno. Alexander put all his faith into his Cloyster, who he had trained hard enough to withstand powerful moves and dish it back out. Articuno again proved to be difficult, concealing itself with Mist and evading Cloyster's attacks. Despite this, Cloyster was able to use moves like Aurora Beam and Ice Beam to weaken the legendary bird, but Articuno shook off the pain and kept bombarding Cloyster. Cloyster's shell took alot of heavy blows from Articuno, but in one final desperation, Cloyster used Spike Cannon to send huge pieces of icicles down on Articuno, weakening it enough for Alexander to capture it. Alexander later returned home to Mahogany Town and told Pryce of his capture. Pryce, although at times stubborn, praised Alexander's efforts and let Alexander take control of the Mahogany Town gym after Alexander's Pokémon were strong enough after hard training inside Mt. Mortar. Although he was now the new Mahogany Town gym leader, Alexander did not feel satisfied, so he continued to travel, train and discover new Ice type Pokémon all across the regions.