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    War is really hard i cant seem to beat her is there sumthing wrong with my team?:

    Loudred LV 29 (Jump Kick, Uproar, Ice Punch, Rock Smash)
    Pelipper LV 33 (Protect, Water Gun, SuperSonic, Wing Attack)
    Gyarados LV 38 (Draco Fury, Tackle, Bite, Surf)
    Aerodactyl LV 42 (Bite, SuperSonic, Ancient Power, Rock Tomb)
    Zangoose LV 36 (Fury Cutter, Slash, Pursuit, Crush Claw)
    Lunatone LV 39 (Hypnosis, PsyWave, Cosmic Power, Psychic)
    The names SuperScyther09 but just call me Scyth
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